Love Astrology

Curious to know if your love is written in the stars? Love astrology unveils the mysteries of compatibility between partners, opening the gateway to passionate and profound relationships. Embark on a journey into the realm of astrological harmony and sense how the stars intricately shape the destiny of your love.

The initial step involves providing accurate information for both yourself and your partner (ensure the EXACT time of birth is included, and if unknown, consult the birth certificate). It's crucial to emphasize that the analysis can only proceed with the consent of both partners—never conducted clandestinely. Subsequently, Conny crafts a detailed written analysis delivered to you via email or in a live session.

To facilitate the creation of love compatibility, please include the following information in the confirmation email. Your interpretation will be sent to you via email, and kindly anticipate a 7-business day timeframe for its delivery.


  • Name and surname

  • Date, time, and place of birth

  • Place of residence

  • Mobile number

  • Specify the subject of consideration you are most interested in.

Please provide this information to initiate the process.

We enter into love relationships for varied reasons—be it physical or emotional attraction, or the intertwining of internal karmic and spiritual connections. Regardless of the motives, the paramount aspect of our lives is spiritual growth and the development of consciousness. Ideally, our love relationships should nurture this growth, yet, regrettably, this isn't always the case.

As Westerners, our cultural values diverge from the traditional Hindu perspectives upheld by Vedic astrology. In the Hindu tradition, marriage is seen as a lifelong alliance with the primary goal of raising a family, governed by strict rules and often arranged well in advance. In the Western world, birth charts are not employed for arranging marriages but rather to address issues within relationships.

Given the accessibility of divorce and our distinct values on sexuality, Western society places a different emphasis on compatibility in love relationships.

In the contemporary world, it's uncommon for individuals to stay in a love relationship with a single partner throughout their entire lives. Multiple relationships at varying levels, including polyamorous connections with several partners, are prevalent. Additionally, many people experience multiple marriages with different partners.

When considering compatibility in love, it's crucial to recognize that evaluating attractiveness or emotional connection alone is insufficient. Elements such as career, children, religion, spirituality, and daily life patterns are pivotal considerations.

Love relationships are inherently personal and defy measurement by universal standards. Each person harbors unique life goals and values, emphasizing the importance of refraining from imposing societal, cultural, or religious norms on a relationship.

A marriage or partnership encompasses a profound psychological dimension, warranting our utmost efforts for its maintenance. However, it's equally crucial to be prepared to end it if it poses an impediment to our spiritual growth and development.

Love Compatibility and Spiritual Growth

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