Angel Astrology

Angelic Horoscope

Each individual is born with spiritual guides and guardians, and your birth chart can unveil the identities of your guardian angels and guides.

Our Angel Horoscope provides a detailed analysis of the ten angels associated with your birth, each conveying unique messages:

  • Angel of the Soul

  • Angel Spirit Guide

  • Guardian Angel

  • Angel of the Higher Self

  • Angel of Liberation

  • Angel of Transformation

  • Angel of Transition (Death)

  • Angel of Life Purpose

  • Angel of Fate

  • Angel of Birth

I meticulously calculate the angel birth chart based on a fixed zodiac, incorporating the 9 'Jyotish' planets and nakshatras—the houses of the Moon. Each nakshatra is linked to a specific archangel.

To create your personalized angel birth chart, kindly provide the following details:

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Time of birth

  • Birthplace

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Unlock the wisdom of angelic astrology to unveil your spiritual mission and inner purpose, paving the way for a more enriching life.

Immerse yourself in the transformative realm of angelic astrology, where celestial guides illuminate your destiny and shape your life paths.

Delve into the mysteries of your angelic horoscope, embarking on a soulful journey to unearth your latent potential and forge connections with the supernatural realm.

Angelic presences manifest through the nakshatras, the fixed stars symbolizing the bridge between the astral and etheric realms.

Spiritual teachings often incorporate elements that transcend the boundaries of rational understanding. While mythological characters are frequently interpreted as metaphors, it's crucial to acknowledge their existence in other dimensions of reality, supported by scientific knowledge.

Demigods, angels, fairies, and other spiritual beings, prevalent in major religious teachings, are integral to our 'inner' reality. For instance, our mind, a subtle element, can exist anywhere and anytime, adapting to its surroundings. Similarly, the bodies of spiritual beings are composed of subtle elements—akin to our mind, intelligence, intuition, and experiential system—that exert genuine influence on our lives through the energies they impart.

Quantum physics provides a scientific rationale for the existence of spiritual beings and their impact on us.

Harmony with their energy, along with blessings and protection, is achieved through diverse practices such as prayers, rituals, crystals, precious stones, and yagyas.

Angels, as pure beings of light radiating unconditional love, are renowned as mediators between humanity and the divine. Often described as sexless, combining both male and female energies, they are symbolized as hermaphrodites (in human form) with wings representing celestial spheres. The angelic realm further includes distinctions between male and female angels.

In Greek, 'aggelos' translates to 'heralds' or 'messengers.' The Bible depicts them as conveyors of God's messages and executors of His will, frequently appearing to individuals through dreams. Although not incarnated on Earth, they inspire spiritually developed souls known as 'earth angels.'

Angels, ever-present with boundless love and care, offer emotional support, guidance, and companionship on our spiritual journey. Their communication takes various forms, often manifesting through dreams.

The seven chakras and seven states of consciousness correspond to specific angels, as do each nakshatra and the 360° Zodiac, divided into 5-degree segments, each housing 72 angels in the form of light waves. Each angel possesses a unique name and planetary nature, arriving through the nakshatras or fixed stars that serve as a bridge between the astral and etheric universes.