Jyotish-Ayurvedic Counseling

Medical astrology delves into the celestial dance of planets and their impact on human constitution (prakriti), life, and disorders (vrikriti). Jyotish astrology is grounded in the concept of the correlation between each planet and specific body tissues. It takes into account the movements, positions, and influence of planets on our mind, body, and consciousness—thus intricately linking planetary dynamics to physical and mental health.

Within the depths of your being resides the harmony and vitality you seek. Jyotish-Ayurvedic counseling unveils the understanding of your unique needs and equips you with the keys to attaining balance in body, mind, and spirit. Uncover your natural constitution, grasp your tendencies, and gain guidance to preserve your vitality. Take the inaugural step towards enduring health and harmony—allow Jyotish and Ayurveda to illuminate the path to the best version of yourself.

To craft a Jyotish-Ayurvedic birth chart, please provide the information below in the confirmation email. Your interpretation will be delivered via email, with an anticipated 7-business day processing time.

Information required for the Jyotish Ayurvedic consultation:

  • Name and surname

  • Date, time, and place of birth

  • Place of residence

  • Mobile number

  • Specify the subject of consideration you are most interested in.

Jyotish Ayurvedic consultation includes:

  • Determination of prakriti (body constitution) and vrikriti (dosha imbalances) at the energy level

  • Nutritional counseling based on prakriti and vrikriti

  • Guidance on Ayurvedic herbs to balance the doshas

  • Meditation counseling

  • Consultation on yagyas as remedial measures

  • Counseling on gemstones as remedial measures

  • Counseling on lifestyle and dietary habits

Embark on this holistic journey with the assurance that Jyotish and Ayurveda will guide you towards optimal well-being.

Jyotish is an integral facet of Ayurvedic medicine, offering profound insights into the celestial influences on human constitution, life, and health. As a pivotal branch of Jyotish, medical astrology plays a crucial role in the realm of Ayurveda. Its objective is to decipher the potential diseases we may encounter, identify periods of heightened sensitivity throughout our lives, predict the trajectory of ailments, and explore avenues to alleviate health issues through a blend of alternative therapies and conventional medicine.

At the moment of our birth, we carry a 'record' that molds our life purpose, hereditary traits, and potential health predispositions. However, it's crucial to recognize that these are probabilities and inclinations rather than fixed determinations. The choice is ours—whether to allow life to guide us like a marionette or to seize control and shape it in alignment with our desires.

Hippocrates, often hailed as the 'father of medicine,' asserted that one cannot be a true healer without an understanding of astrology.

In the Indian tradition, Jyotish has perennially intertwined with Ayurveda, playing a role in disease diagnosis. Scientific research validates that a majority of diseases (95%) stem from stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Jyotish aids in comprehending how stress subtly infiltrates our body, acting as a catalyst for diseases.

Medical astrology scientifically scrutinizes planetary movements and their impact on our body constitution (prakriti), life, and disorders (vrikriti). Jyotish operates on the premise of each planet's association with specific body tissues, examining planetary positions and their influence on our mind, body, and consciousness—directly impacting our physical and mental health.

In our natal chart (Janma Kundali), each planet holds a unique position, and interpretations of our nature (Prakriti) and potential issues (Vrikriti) are derived from their placements. Jyotish harmonizes with the Panchamahabhutas therapy, linking the nine planets to the five basic elements, fostering the following connections:

  • Surya – Fire (Teja) – Pitta

  • Chandra – Water (Jala) – Kapha

  • Mangal – Fire (Teja) – Pitta

  • Budh – Earth (Prithvi) – Vata

  • Guru – Space (Aakasha) – Kapha

  • Shukra – Water (Jala) – Kapha

  • Shani – Air (Vayu) – Vata

  • Rahu – Air (Vayu) – Vata

  • Ketu – Fire (Teja) – Pitta

This profound synergy between Jyotish and Ayurveda enhances our understanding of how our bodies and minds respond to external influences, guiding us toward a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Connect with Your Natural Potential: An Integral Approach to Jyotish and Ayurveda

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