Astro (Psycho)therapy

According to Vedic astro-psychology, psychological disorders stem from a disconnect with our true self or soul (Atman). This disconnect is manifested in the insufficient integration of our planets, particularly evident in afflictions affecting the Moon, Mercury, the ascendant, the fourth house, and their respective rulers.

Jyotish astro-psychotherapy acts as a guiding map, leading us to:

  • Discovering and enhancing our understanding of our psychological profile

  • Identifying our personality type

  • Unveiling our character and internal conflicts

  • Recognizing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tendencies and potential

  • Unearthing the karma we have created in this life and the karma we carry from past lives, understanding how it manifests

  • Discerning our true life purpose, harmonizing with our Dharma

  • Identifying the most suitable spiritual path for optimal growth and evolution

  • Assessing compatibility between partners (in love, business, friendship, etc.)

  • Identifying preventive measures conducive to spiritual growth and evolution

What does Astro-psychotherapy entail?

It comprises nine one-hour consultations, each delving into the influence of one planet on the psycho-emotional structure of the individual. During each session, you receive personalized analysis, guidance, and answers to your questions.

To initiate the process, kindly send an email to and provide the following details:

  • Name and surname

  • Date, time, and place of birth

  • Place of residence

  • Mobile number

  • Specify the subjects of consideration you are most interested in

Pricing: €80 per one-hour session.

Embark on a transformative journey with Jyotish astro-psychotherapy, guiding you towards self-discovery, growth, and evolution."

Vedic astro-psychology delves into the realms of collective, cosmic, and spiritual consciousness that transcend our surface and personal minds. Its essence lies not merely in fostering happiness or harmony on the superficial layers of the mind but in awakening the deeper dimensions of consciousness, aligning with our spiritual aspirations.

From the perspective of Vedic-Astro-Psychology, our personal and emotional challenges stem from a misdirection of life energy. Addressing emotional issues involves a focus on practical actions that enhance life conditions rather than becoming entangled in superficial details.

Astro-psychotherapy becomes a guide to understanding and integrating our inner planets:

Harmonizing the Moon: The key to receptivity in life involves becoming attuned to the Sun of Truth while remaining unattached to external influences.

Harmonizing Mars: Directing our energy and motivation towards spiritual practices, aligning our will with higher aspirations, without neglecting life's duties.

Bringing Mercury to a Higher Level: Elevating our rationality to focus on inner truth rather than external information.

Employing Jupiter: Cultivating the will for truth and growth, expanding consciousness, and unifying life energy with cosmic existence.

Harmonizing Venus: Channeling love and creativity to reveal cosmic wonder and joy, appreciating the beauty that stems from the depths of our consciousness.

Sealing the Process with Saturn: Giving solid form and structure to daily activities, emphasizing commitment, concentration, and perseverance.

Facing the Dark Side of Life and Psyche - Rahu: Confronting the illusions and hidden desires, addressing fears, habits, addictions, and dependencies.

Working on Ketu: Cultivating the ability to deny oneself, ensuring self-transcendence without sabotaging progress or retreating at moments of victory.

This transformative journey culminates in a return to the Sun of Truth, manifesting its full powers through the integration of all its rays.

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