Spiritual Astrology

The source of Jyotish knowledge comes from the Creator, from the divine.

Jyotish is primarily spiritual astrology, which explains the natural patterns of our consciousness, which are also the same as the natural patterns of our universe.


Prana (our life energy) moves through the centers of our astral body, as the Sun moves through the constellation in the sky. So, the planets are located in the chakras (energy centers) of our astral body as well as the signs in our natal chart. Astrology is primarily concerned with the astral body, Ayurveda physical, and Yoga causative.

The Sun (as a planet) and our inner sun (soul) is the main foundation on which yoga is based and are linked to Jyotish. The Natal chart in Jyotish can also be used to locate our astral body through the chakras. The first six chakras reflect seven planets:

  1. Root – Saturn (Capricorn manages our stability and conservative values ​​while Aquarius is their expression).
  2. Sacral – Jupiter (Sagittarius represents our creative energy while Pisces represent its manifestation).
  3. Solar Plexus – Mars (Aries project our vitality while Scorpio is in charge of its preservation).
  4. Heart – Venus (Taurus manages our emotional receptivity while Libra our capacity for expressing emotions).
  5. Throat – Mercury (Virgo governs our inner experiences while Gemini external expressions of ideas).
  6. Third Eye – Moon and Sun (Cancer and Leo – show the basic polarity of our mind – emotion and reason),
  7. Crown – transcends the first sixth chakra and moving of the time.

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