Jyotish name for planets is “Graha“.
Graha in Sanskrit means catcher. However, Grahas represent certain principles embodied in planets.




Represents source of life, health, self, soul, ego, individuality, status, pride, power, honor, dignity.

Refers to bones, head, brain, heart, blood vessels, bile, right eye.

Color: copper or orange.

Day: Sunday.

Planetary status: king.

It signifies the father and the Divine Father.

Dosha pitta.

Guna satva.

Caste kshatriya.



Represents intuition, mind, feelings, sophistication, protection, healing, tenderness, compassion, cordiality, motherhood.

It refers to the blood, lungs, lymph, breasts, glands, uterus, bloodstream, and face.

Color: white.

Day: Monday.

Planetary status: queen.

It signifies mother and Divine Mother.

Dosha vata / kapha.

Guna satva.

Caste vaishya.



Represents passion, action, strength, courage, pervasiveness, accuracy, logic, organization, heroism, spontaneity.

It refers to the bone marrow, muscles, digestive fire, genitals, intestines, nose.

Color: coral red.

Day: Tuesday.

Planetary status: commander in chief, warrior.

It signifies brothers and sisters.

Dosha pitta.

Guna tamas.

Caste kshatriya.



Represents intellect, reason, discernment, communication, connection, speech, writing, good organization, mediation, trade, private business, internet, adaptability.

Refers to the skin, nervous system, bronchi, tongue, and hands.

Color: green.

Day: Wednesday.

Planetary status: prince.

It signifies friends.

Dosha vata / pitta / kapha

Guna rajas.

Caste vaishya.



Represents spirituality, dharma, teachers, knowledge, education, happiness, wisdom, justice, understanding, tolerance, morality, impartiality, peace, faith, husband for a wife.

Refers to adipose tissue, hips, liver, ears, throat, navel.

Color: yellow.

Day: Thursday.

Planetary status: minister.

It signifies teachers.

Dosha kapha / vata.

Guna rajas.

Caste brahmin.



Represents love, beauty, charm, harmony, fertility, desires, pleasure, ananda, charisma, inner purity, truth, comfort, occult knowledge, art, dance, music, woman for man, and luxury.

Refers to the ovaries and sperm, kidneys, body secretions.

Colors: white and colorful.

Day: Friday.

Planetary status: minister.

It signifies a wife for a man and lovers.

Dosha kapha / vata.

Guna rajas.

Caste brahmin.



Represents sadness, darkness, renunciation, discipline, permanence, reliability, old age, patience, simplicity, modesty, fidelity, endurance, slowness, chronic diseases, poverty, death.

Refers to muscle tissue, knees, legs, feet, bladder.

Color: dark blue.

Day: Saturday.

Planetary status: servant.

It signifies servants and common people.

Dosha vata.

Good night.

Caste: shudra.


(North Node)

Represents illusion, transformation, instability, attachment, passion, quick comprehension, confusion, unexpected events, sudden, mental disorders, epidemics, tragedies.

Refers to the rectum, the excretory system.

Color: black and dark grey.

Day: Saturday.

Planetary status: no status

It signifies grandparents from the father’s side and foreigners.

Dosha vata.

Guna tamas.

Caste mleccha.


(South Node)

Represents moksha, freedom, transcendental, spiritual insights, secrecy, kundalini energy, unexpected events, suddenness, panic, fear, pandemics, diseases that are difficult to diagnose.

Refers to the nervous system, spine, and abdomen.

Colors: gray and brown.

Days: Tuesday and Saturday.

Planetary status: no status

It signifies grandparents from the mother’s side and foreigners.

Dosha vata.

Guna tamas.

Caste mleccha.

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