Changing the numerological code

Numerology analyzes the symbolism of numbers. Each number represents a specific area of human consciousness.

The interpretations are based on Vedic numerology, completed by the traditional methods of Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology.


After the numerological analysis and determination of the numerological condition of the person, if necessary, the harmonization of personal data with the numerological code can be done by correcting or changing the name and/or surname.

Eg. my original name was Connie with the unlucky number 26, which I changed to Conny in the lucky number 21. To the surname Denes with the unlucky number 22 I added my mother’s maiden name Peto (which has the lucky number 24) which changed the surname to the lucky number 46. This changed my life for the better.

There are many such examples, I know many people who have changed their numerological code and their lives have changed significantly for the better.

Numerology in combination with Jyotish can also be used to choose the name and surname of a newborn child. Through Jyotish, the most favorable syllable is selected according to the natal chart, while numerologically I can calculate/check the numerological code for the potential names you want to give to the child.

In this context, numerology can also be used to select a company name, book name, product, brand, or anything else.

Also, to calculate the numerological code of the residential address and house number when choosing the apartment, house, or business premises you want to rent or buy. In addition to the numerological code in the context of housing, you can also get basic Vastu tips to help you choose a place to live or do business.

The calculation of the numerological code is done exclusively in writing form. The following information must be provided:

  • Name and surname
  • Potential (desired) names and surnames (up to 5 maximum)
  • If it is a matter of choosing a name for the child then it is necessary to state the date, time, and place of birth and gender
  • If it is a question of checking the address for housing or business, you can specify one or several (up to 5 maximum) addresses with the house number and the direction of the front door of the house or building in relation to the sides of the world (east, west, south or north).
  • If it is a matter of choosing a name for a company, project, product, or anything else, list up to 5 potential names.

Price of calculating the numerological code for changing name: 40€

Price of calculating the numerological code for choosing a name for the child: 40€

Price of calculating the numerological code for choosing a name for the business: 40€

Price of calculating the numerological code for checking address with house number 40€

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