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Life Reading
Natal chart is our map for the correct life orientation
The goal of Jyotish is not to predict the future but to study the karmic conditions

Jyotish lights up our path and serves as a signpost where we should go, what to do, what is for our greatest good at that moment. It is like our map that serves for the correct orientation of life. The goal is not to predict the future, but to study the Karmic conditions with which each individual is born and to light up his life, because our destiny is not determined, we are creating it over and over again.

Life reading serves us as a map for:

  • discovering and better understanding our psychological profile,
  • revealing our character and internal conflicts,
  • discovering one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual inclinations and potentials,
  • discovering the karma we have created in this life and the karma we carry from past lives, and discovering the way it manifests,
  • discovering our true life goal, which lines up with our Dharma,
  • discovering which spiritual path is best for our optimal growth and evolution,
  • discovering compatibility between partners (love, business, friendship, etc.),
  • discovering the preventive measures that are best for our spiritual growth and evolution.

Analyzing and studying a natal chart takes up to a week.

The duration of verbal consultation is 60 minutes. It can be done either personally or via skype. In written consultation, you get about 10 pages A4 size.

You can get advice only for yourself, never for another person. In an analysis for compatibility, you must have an involved person’s permission.

Parents can get counseling for their child only until the child’s 14th birthday after they must have a child’s permission.

For Jyotish counseling, it is necessary to know the date, time (writes in the birth certificate), and place of birth. You can also ask up to 3 questions, before the analysis.

You can get counseling only for yourself, never for another person, and for comparative analysis you must have the permission of another person.

Parents can receive counseling for their child only until the child is 14 years old, after which they must have the child’s permission.

At the counseling, you get your personal analysis, advice, and answers to your questions.

Appointments are made via e-mail conny.peto.denes@gmail.com, where you must specify:

  • Name and surname
  • Date, time, and place of birth
  • Place of residence
  • Mobile number
  • List what interests you most as a subject (up to 3 questions)

PRICE: 80 €

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