Medical Astrology

Jyotish is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine

It studies the movements of the planet and their impact on the human constitution (prakriti), life, and disorders (vrikriti)


Medical astrology is one of the main branches of Jyotish and part of Ayurveda. Its goal is to determine which diseases we are prone to, in which life periods we will be particularly sensitive, what will be the course of our disease and how to alleviate the potential illness using different alternative methods of treatment and when should be combined with classical medicine methods.

At the time of birth for every man, it is “written down” his life mission, possible illness, hereditary traits, and the possible end of life. This is reflected in genetic predispositions. Yet, here we talk about probabilities, about tendencies, not about determination. It depends on our free will and choices we make, whether we will pass through life as a puppet or we will take life into our hands.

Even Hippocrates, our father of medicine, said that no physician has the right to call himself a doctor unless he has knowledge of astrology.

In the Indian tradition, Jyotish has always been an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine and has been used to diagnose the disease. All relevant research suggests that 95 percent of the disease is triggered by stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. Jyotish helps us discover on a subtle level how stress moves into the body and causes the disease.

Medical astrology scientifically studies the movements of the planet and their impact on the human constitution (prakriti), life, and disorders (vrikriti). Jyotish astrology is based on the concept of connection between each planet with specific body tissues, considering planetary movements and their positions (transits) how they influence our mind, body, and consciousness, physical and mental health.

They occupy different positions (houses) in our natal charts (Janma Kundali). According to their specific position in the natal chart, we can see what is our nature and behavior (Prakriti) and what are the possible disorders (Vrikriti). Jyotish astrology also accepts Panchamahabhutas therapy. Because of this, nine planets can be associated with five basic elements, as follows:

  1. Sun – Fire (Teja) – Pitta
  2. Moon – Water (Jala) – Kapha
  3. Mars – Fire (Teja) – Pitta
  4. Mercury – Earth (Prithvi) – Vata
  5. Jupiter – Space (Aakasha) – Kapha
  6. Venus – Water (Jala) – Kapha
  7. Saturn – Air (Vayu) – Vata
  8. Rahu – Air (Vayu) – Vata
  9. Ketu – Fire (Teja) – Pitta

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