Karmic Astrology

Insight into our past, present, and future

The purpose of knowledge of karmic astrology is the increase of free will through conscious action. Jyotish gives us insight into our past, present, and future.
Our future is not predestined, it is only indicated, probable. Whether or not it will manifest depend on us. Reality, destiny, and the future are not planned and established, but they are creating in every moment.

The goal of Jyotish is not predicting events, but focusing on the path of evolution, inner growth, and spiritual development. Karmic astrology is an integral part of the Jyotish analysis and is here to help us recognize the karmic influences that exist in us in the form of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, decisions, and behaviors. When we become aware of them, we can influence them.

It is impossible to avoid suffering by breaking the law of karma. As long as we live in the relative world, as long as our soul is dressed in personality and physical body, we are under the influence of the law. Every part of the universe follows the law of cause and effect.

But what we can do, if we go back to that Yoga Sutra which says: Prevent suffering before it appears, focus on the right action and act in accordance with the dharma.

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