Astro (Psycho)therapy

According to Vedic-Astro-Psychology, psychological disorders are caused by a disruption in our connection with our soul. This is reflected in a lack of integration of our planets, particularly afflictions to the Moon, Mercury, the Ascendant, the 4th house, and their lords.


Vedic Astro-psychology recognizes the existence and influence of collective, cosmic, and spiritual levels of consciousness which lie beyond our surface and personal mind. Its concern is not just with bringing happiness or harmony to the outer layers of the mind, but with bringing the deeper layers of the mind into function by awakening our spiritual aspiration.

From the Vedic-Astro-Psychology perspective, our personal and emotional problems come from not directing our life energy in a positive way. Its solution to emotional problems is to direct us toward some practical action to improve our condition in life, not to become entangled in trying to figure out their details.

According to Vedic-Astro-Psychology, psychological disorders are caused by a disruption in our connection with our soul. This is reflected in a lack of integration of our planets, particularly afflictions to the Moon, Mercury, the Ascendant, the 4th house, and their lords.

Astro-psychotherapy helps us to understand and integrate our inner planets:
  1. First, we must harmonize the Moon – an indicator of receptivity in our life. We must make ourselves become receptive to the Sun of Truth and become detached from the influences of the outer world.
  2. Second, we must harmonize Mars – our energy and motivation in life. This is to direct our will to spiritual practices. It does not mean neglecting our duties in life but using them to develop skills in action.
  3. Third, we must bring into play our Mercury – our rational process, on a higher level. We must reorient our intelligence toward inner truth rather than outer information.
  4. Then we must employ our Jupiter – our will to truth and growth, our wisdom. This is to seek expansion in the realm of consciousness, to unite our life energy with the cosmic life around us.
  5. Next, we must harmonize Venus – our devotion and affection. This is to direct our love and creativity to the unfoldment of cosmic wonder and joy. It is the ability to see the beauty that comes from the Divine, from conscious, from our deepest self.
  6. Then we must seal the process with our Saturn – give it a firm form and structure in our own daily activity. We need consistency, concentration, and seriousness to bring things to conclusion. It requires dedication, calm, coolness, willingness to persist, capacity to be alone, and the ability to abide in stillness.
  7. The next step is to confront the hidden side of life and the psyche. We must eradicate the seeds of falsehood from the deepest recesses of the mind. We must deal with the illusory power of the mind, the power of secret or hidden desires that come through Rahu. We must face ghosts and demons of our subconscious, our deepest fears and desires, our habits, addictions, and dependencies.
  8. Finally, we must deal with Ketu – our capacity to negate ourselves. We must be careful not to sabotage ourselves in the process, or to turn back at the moment of victory. We must learn to negate ourselves into the Divine, into self-transcendence.
  9. In this way, we return to the Sun of truth with the full manifestation of its powers, the integration of all its rays.
Jyotish Astro-psychotherapy serves us like a map for:
  • discovering and a better understanding of our psychological profile
  • discovering of our personality type
  • exploring our character and inner conflict
  • exploring our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual preferences and potential
  • discovering of karma we have created in this life and the karma we carry from past lives and explore ways in which it manifests itself
  • discovering our true life goal, which is consistent with our Dharma
  • discovering which spiritual path is best for our optimal growth and evolution
  • discovering compatibility between the partners (in love, business, friendship, etc.)
  • discovering preventive measures that are best for our spiritual growth and evolution

Our future is not predetermined, it is only indicated, probably. Will it or will not manifest depends on ourselves.

The aim of Jyotish is not to predict the future, but the study of karmic conditions with which each individual is born, and her / his guidance on the path of spiritual evolution.

When fate would be determined (“written”), as is claimed by many Western astrologers, it wouldn’t make sense to have to know what would happen.

Who needs Astro-Psychotherapy?
  • Anyone who wants to know and understand his/her own character;
  • Anyone who wants to become aware of his/her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual propensity and potentials;
  • Anyone who wants astrological analysis of the personal situation;
  • Anyone who wants to raise awareness of important areas of one’s life;
  • Anyone who wants to know in which period they are, which are the coming periods, what to expect of them and how to comply with them;
  • Anyone who wants to know in which periods should be given more attention to the physical and mental health;
  • Anyone who wants to know how he/she can help him/herself in case he/she gets sick – what alternative healing methods would be most appropriate and in accordance with the personal Astro-psychological profile.
How looks Astro-psychotherapy with Conny?

It lasts 60 minutes. It is conducted exclusively verbally – in person or via Skype. It is never conducted in writing form or via phone.

Counseling You can get for Yourself, but never for a second person, and the compatibility analysis must be allowed by another person.

Parents can have counseling for their child only to the child’s age 14th, after that age they must have the permission of the child. For small and newborn children, parents can get tips for raising a child in accordance with the child’s personality.

In consultation, You get Your own analysis, advice, and answers to Your questions. After that first appointment, You may continue with counseling in 9 sessions, each lasting an hour.

For this consultation is necessary to know the date, time (according to the birth certificate), and place of birth.

Appointments are made via e-mail conny.peto.denes@gmail.com, where you must specify:

  • Name and surname
  • Date, time, and place of birth
  • Place of residence
  • Mobile number
  • List what interests you most as a subject of consideration

PRICE: 50 €

* Article source: Astrology of the Seers – dr. David Frawley

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