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Jyotir Vidya

Light bringers or Lightworkers

Sanskrit term “Jyotir Vidya” we can translate as “Knowledge of Light”. It refers to the ability of Jyotishi (the one who interprets Jyotish), to the intuitive knowledge he or she possesses; he or she simply KNOWS. It is about a higher state of consciousness gained through transcending. We can call Jyotishi a “Light bringer” or “Lightworker”.


Lightning the life path

Many traditions in India see Jyotir Vidya devata od divine person (deity), that is why they feel that Jyotir Vidya possesses Jyotishi and not another way around. In this context, Jyotir Vidya can also be understood as a muse who inspires Jyotishi in his/her interpretations and counseling.

Jyotishi (male) or Jyotishini (female) are named for the Vedic astrologers, who represent the light-bringers because they lighten the way by interpreting the natal chart.

Light bringers are people who know how to help themselves and others not to fall in the dark, but to walk up with a high head without fear of threatening dangers hidden in the darkness.” – Adrian P. Kezele

Modern spirituality often uses the name Light Workers. Lightworkers are souls which from birth have a strong need and inner desire to spread the Light of Truth, Knowledge, Freedom, and Love across the Planet.

This is their Dharma, the inner mission, and the purpose of living. They feel this as their main mission of life.

Deep inside they carry the seeds of spiritual awakening and healing of the planet.

They are not part of a religion, philosophy or ideology, but have been guided by unconditional love, compassion, and desire to help others. They can be helping in many different ways: as spiritual teachers, teachers, guides, therapists, healers, doctors, artists, creators, inventors, scientists, journalists, writers, leaders, etc.

With purpose, they have chosen to be born as people captured in the karmic cycle of life to experience and explore all the forms of Maya (illusions) that exist in the human life of duality.


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